the Day of Pentecost

John 14. 8-17, 25-27The Spirit comes, not in the extraordinary,but in the unremarkable. The first song we sang, this morning, about says it all! “God of tempest, God of whirlwind, as on Pentecost descent!” And it only went on from…
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the Second Sunday of Easter

John 20. 19-31When Jesus rises from the dead, all creation rises, as well! Conservative Christianity is what the media calls it. Conservative Christianity is what it calls itself. Conservative Christianity. The Religious Right. Evangelicalism. And it would have us believe…
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Good Friday

John 19. 31-42The cross is the force that sets the universe in motion! If you couldn’t guess, I’m a Boomer. A Baby Boomer. Born sometime between the end of W.W.2 and the beginning of the War on Poverty. My life…
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Maundy Thursday

John 13. 1-17, 31b-35It’s love – god’s and ours – that changes the world! Each time, every time, we come together, we’re gathered around scripture. And this night is no different. Sometimes, we sing it. In canticles. In hymns. In…
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