Getting Out the Word

It’s been about a month, now, since I’ve “gotten out the word!” And if you haven’t heard, last council meeting, I submitted my resignation as pastor at Midland Lutheran Church, announcing my retirement, effective year’s end. And I guess I’ve started refocusing energies on other – more immediate – things.

For eleven-and-a-half years, we’ve met here, each week, thinking new thoughts. Wrestling with old ones. But since August, Wednesdays have slipped into Thursdays. Thursdays into Fridays. And by Saturday, I still don’t have anything to say. I promise myself that next Monday it’ll be different. But it isn’t. So, I’m taking that as a hint … it’s time!

But rather than simply drift off into cyberspace, I want to thank you for this time together. Your companionship has taken me to places I never knew could exist! May you all continue to be the blessing you have been! Grace and peace to y’all, my friends … Grace and peace to y’all …

Midland Lutheran Church