Welcome to Midland Lutheran Church, a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

The next in person Sunday worship will be on October 16th at 10:30 am at the Ranch house in Beal Park.

Other Sundays we’ll be meeting on Facebook @ 10:30am. If you aren’t able to join us at that time, take a look when it’s more convenient.
We’ll, also, do the same for Wednesday evening gatherings!

Messaging us on Facebook, is, probably, the easiest way to keep in touch…
otherwise, don’t hesitate to text or call pastorBob @ 432-349-7407

getting out the word

It’s been about a month, now, since I’ve “gotten out the word!” And if you haven’t heard, last council meeting, I submitted my resignation as pastor at Midland Lutheran Church, announcing my retirement, effective year’s end. And I guess I’ve started refocusing energies on other – more immediate – things.

For eleven-and-a-half years, we’ve met here, each week, thinking new thoughts. Wrestling with old ones. But since August, Wednesdays have slipped into Thursdays. Thursdays into Fridays. And by Saturday, I still don’t have anything to say. I promise myself that next Monday it’ll be different. But it isn’t. So, I’m taking that as a hint … it’s time!

But rather than simply drift off into cyberspace, I want to thank you for this time together. Your companionship has taken me to places I never knew could exist! May you all continue to be the blessing you have been! Grace and peace to y’all, my friends … Grace and peace to y’all …

Midland Lutheran Church